Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taking a Break

For those of you that follow on a regular basis, I just wanted to make a quick update.

I'm burned out taking pictures and writing all these posts. I've got 9 posts in the wings, all pictures with no words and I can't get myself to go through them and do the write-ups. It seems to take more time to write them up than to cook them! It also feels so good cooking a meal without stopping every 5 seconds to take a picture.

I've made a few "keepers" recently that I'll probably post sooner than later so I think I'll use this break to distill the really good recipes from the mediocre ones.

Anyway, I'm still here for comments and questions, so please keep reading, keep cooking and keep eating well!


  1. Hi there. After clipping the fourth of your recipes to my Evernote notebook, i decided i ought to tell you that i stumbled onto your blog today via a google search for split pea soup - and can't leave! I am not a SAHM nor is my husband a SAHD, but our 18 month old twins feel like a full-time job for us both anyway. In the year that i was a SAHM, meals went from nonexistent to present but a pain in the rear, to something i started to remember i used to enjoy. Now that i work full time again, i pretty much rely on anything that can go into my crock pot in the morning. We're not above a frozen pizza now and again, but i have been pretty intent on making real food for my family, even when I can't actually be at home to make it. The point is: i crave inspiration and on your site, i have found it in spades! I see that your'e taking a hiatus, but i just wanted to say thanks for the incredible love and energy that you've put into these posts.

    Maybe you could just take photos of the finished product, to cut down on the amount of time the blogging takes? Two kids plus meals is HARD!

  2. it IS hard with the kids (now my youngest is officially crawling) and admittedly i have been itching to post again as i do keep cooking everyday and my list of keepers now number...ugh, 16! but i do appreciate the comment. i'm also a twin, so i can assure you that i can relate! i hear you on the cutting down on the pictures to save time. i'm not above that by any stretch. thanks for the comment and the inspiration to get posting again. i should do one this week.

    good luck with your twins. speaking for my brother and i, we were night and day and never got along growing up and i'm sure made our parents' lives a pain, but we get along very well now and we couldn't imagine growing up without sharing the womb.

    thanks again!

  3. i came back to say: the split pea soup was perfect! thank you! it was just as you said: creamy, salty, smoky... yum! How funny/cool that you are a twin! Our boys are identical and yet very different already, in so many ways. We're really curious to see how their relationship develops. As long as it eventually stops including biting, i feel like i'd be happy with it! So glad to hear that you and your brother have a good relationship now, it makes me so happy to imagine that for our kiddos one day.

    Well, i do hope you'll post again but i suppose i have quite the archive to keep me busy for a while in any case. Congratulations on your crawler (and keeping your sanity, i should add. i do NOT know how you SAH-types do it... and YOU do it while COOKING. i have so much admiration for you.) Thanks again for the pea soup. It was actually (dare i say it?) better than my mom's. Better keep that to myself ;)


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