Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diced Sweet Potatoes (Lunch)

Ava loves her some sweet potatoes (SPs). And even though I know they are technically "yams" I call them SPs, so whatever.

This is really self-explanitory, and I'm sure kind of boring, but I'm going to document it anyway.

First grab yourself a giant SP. I try to get one that's at least semi-uniform, but big. Go ahead and peel it, making sure you get all the "white" pith-looking stuff.

I break down this monster into pieces I can dice evenly. The point is to try to get the cubes uniform for even cooking.


Throw all the cubes into whatever steamer you want (I used my microwave rig from the tofu/broccoli post, but this works great on the stove with a steamer basket) and sprinkle on some Chinese 5 spice. You can use cinnamon too. I think it adds a nice dimension.

Steam the whole thing, covered with plastic wrap, for 3 sets of 3 minutes. Toss the SPs each time to cook evenly.

Let cool and serve!


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