Monday, December 2, 2013

Hot Toddy

Like most families this Fall/Winter, we are all coming down with colds. I'm usually the last to get it and almost always, I get a really sore throat.

There are few things that soothe my soreness like a Hot Toddy. My wife doesn't find them appetizing but I've grown to love the warming sensation it provides for my aching throat.

There are a multitude of recipes out there for a Hot Toddy, but I prefer to make it like this. It's made with cider vinegar so it ends up tasting like a hot, spiked cider in the cup.

It's very quick to throw together, so I'll just walk you through it.

Hot Toddy

2 oz of Whiskey, Bourbon, or Rye (try to make it good quality)
1-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
6-8 oz boiling water
Slice of lemon


Grab the ingredients.

Go ahead and get your water on the boil, however you choose to do that. 

I usually weigh out my Whiskey because I'm OCD like that.

2 oz Whiskey

Add the cider vinegar.

I prefer 2 teaspoons myself. Don't worry, it doesn't end up tasting too vinegary. I even add another splash sometimes.

Add your tablespoon of honey.

It helps to nuke the honey bottle for 10 seconds to get it to pour quicker.

Add hot water to fill the mug.

Mine was just shy of 8 oz. I don't like it too watered down.

Give it a stir, garnish with a lemon and sip for maximum results. 


I really love the way these taste. It always reminds me of spiked cider on a cold night. Sweet, tart, complex. I love the alcohol vapor in the nose as the warmth soothes my soreness. The slight burn from the vinegar almost numbs the pain in my throat and offers great relief. 

It may be placebo, but my throat always feels so much better after one (or two) of these.

Give one a try!



  1. have you tried squeezing the juice of half or a whole lemon in there? does wonders for a sore throat or a cold! My family's always made hot lemonades (just honey and a whole lime/lemon) when we were sick as kids: and now my boyfriend requests about 4 a day when he's under the weather. He's always making fun of me for always having lime or lemon stocked in the fridge (I always have about 5 or 6 in the fridge, and I start to get panicky when I'm low, hahahahhaha!), but they're fantastic!

  2. I usually have a slice of lemon in mine too. The combo tastes great and keeping the lemon peel on adds a nice kind of herbal lemon scent to the drink. It is fantastic!


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