Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving!

I made a bunch of recipes from Kenji over at seriouseats.com this year. I've done a classic roast turkey before, with great results, but this year I wanted to do something less traditional while retaining the traditional flavors and feel of Thanksgiving. 

So I did a really cool Rolled Turkey Breast Porchetta and Red Wine Braised Turkey Legs along with some classic sides:

I even managed to take pictures of (almost) everything!

I'm planning on posting everything as separate recipes because scrolling through over 300 pictures is probably too much, even for my most devoted fans...ha ha.

Anyway, I'm working on writing everything up as fast as I can, so I'll be posting as soon as I finish them. I just wanted to give a heads up as to what I'm planning.

Here are some pictures my wife took while we were getting ready for dinner. 

I guess I never post candid shots!

Waiting is hard.

Thigh bone. Chef's spoils.

My friend made a Pumpkin Roll. It was delish.

His brother made an Apple Pie!

My (first) plate.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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